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Sunday, 4 August 2013

How To Transfer Files Between Computers Over Wifi

Transfer file

Any Send is freeware software tool that will help to transfer or copy a files between any two computer easily (Pc to Pc) , (Pc to Mac ) or vice versa over a Wi-Fi network . You can also copy or paste a any file extension by using a Any Send utility There are virtually no limits file size to transfer between two computers. The rare of transfer a file between a Computer over a Wi-Fi network is very fast.

Transfer a files between Windows & Mac

By using the Any Send , you can transfer multiple files between Mac Operating System or using a Windows computers , Windows Pcs. Even they also a have a Android App special quality that will also help to send files from any Mac or Windows computer to your Android devices or phone or vice-versa.

How to Use Any Send Application

To get start , you have to first install a the Any Send Application utility on your computer. After installing , Open the Application and then select one or multiple files or folder that you wish to transfer to the other computer or Android devices. By Pressing the (Ctrl + C ) to copy such files to the dashboard , Then click the Any Send icon that appear on the right bottom side of the Windows task bar and in the case of Mac Pc the icon will appear on the Menu bar, Then select other computer’s name .

The file will be transfer instantly. Even a user can able to send a entire files or folder from one computer to another computer without having the Zip file format. You have to just select the folders and copy your items from the dashboard and select the destination computers by using the Any Send icon

 There are lot of more tools that are available on the internet to transfer the files between the computers , But Any Send is easy to setup and they can’t require a special configuration . The only one condition will be apply to Any Send application is that all your computer should be connected ( Android) to the same wi-fi network

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